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Snapper ROck UV Protective Swimwear – Rashies and Boardshorts

Posted on: December 17th, 2010 by moojoes

Snapper Rock’s origins began in the junior sailing market. As New Zealanders living in one of America’s great sailing capitals – Annapolis, they saw the need for funky and functional, UV protective swim gear for kids on the water.

What is UPF clothing?

Whilst the sun is needed to absorb Vitamin D for healthy bones, only a little is needed each day.  For clothing to be able to block the suns harmful rays it needs to have a UPF or Ultra Violet Protection Factor (SPF or Sun Protection factor relates to sunscreen not clothing).  The UPF rating system was developed by the Australian Government, to indicate the level of protection the garment provides from the sun’s UV rays on a scale of 15 to 50+.  The higher the UPF the higher the protection from UV rays.

All Snapper Rock swimwear has a UPF rating of 50+,  blocking 98% of all harmful rays.

How does the sun protection get into the fabric?

Snapper Rocks UPF rating comes from fabric that they use in their designs.  No chemicals or treatments are added to the fabric to provide the rating.  What makes their garments UPF is due to the following:

1) Density of the weave or knit of the fabric – the denser the fabric the less UV it lets in.

2) The type of fibre – Nylon and elastane which their swimwear is made of disrupt alot of the UV light, whilest a fabric such as cotton doesn’t block very much

3) The darker the garment – a general rule is the darker the fabric the more UV is blocked, however dont’ be afraid of choosing white rash tops – their white fabrics are dense enough to still block 98% of rays.

4) Stretch and wetness also affect the fabric.  If the fabric is over stretched the more UV light comes through.  To prevent stretching hand wash rather than using the washing machine.

All Snapper Rock items come with a UPF 50+ swing tag issued by the Australian Government that lets you know that this item has a certified UPF rating.

Moojoes Kid’s Gear carries their sun protective sun hats, UV protective swim sets for girlsrash shirts and board shorts for boys.

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